PET Injection Molding Machine (110Ton - 650Ton)

With special design for molding PET parts, the PET moulding machines delivers quality that meets the strictest requirements.

  • PET Injection Moulding Machine 650Ton
  • PET Injection Moulding Machine details
  • Quick response - PET injection machine adopts high precision single cylinder injection system, suitable for PET molding lines, with low-inertia and high response speed.

    Perfect precision - use KEBA controller and high performance clamping platen, injection screw precision position setting to 0.01mm

    Easy to install - robot system for PET multi cavity mould, the robot base screw holes optional.

    High security - equipment maintenance remind, cold start screw alarm and self-protect and low oil position alarm.

    Clamping force - from 1100 KN to 6500 KN

    Ready European standard connector for robot. 

    Suitable for PET products: PET preform...

    We can offer customized PET injection machine according to your special requirements.

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