PVC Pipe Fitting Molding Solution Supplier

  • 2018-12-26
    pvc pipe fittin molding line

    Dakumar team keens on offering PVC pipe fitting molding solution supplying, we have rich experience on it and can offer technical suggestion to maximize turnkey line advantages and profit.


    Both with PVC fitting molds or pvc injection machine, we choose special metal to suit pvc material productions. With molds steel for main part to be stainless steels and mold base chromed to avoid rusting. And injection machines screw and barrel need to be special treated to avoid corrosion.


    Compared pvc fitting molds and machines purchased separate, our turnkey molding lines can offer you additional as like:

    -Free training in Dakumar workshop, especial for machine operations and basic maintain. Also some basic for pvc molds technologies

    -of course to send engineers team to customer factory for whole production lines PVC injection machines and pvc molds installations, help testing parameter setting, support with molds and machine fitting, clamping

    -customer spot stuff training, regular machine and molds daily maintenance

    -mass production simulation process to check pvc fitting molds and pvc injection machine working conditions before shipping

    -suitable pvc molds design to fit small tonnage injection machines, to maximize machine using capacity


    Welcome to contact us for any PVC pipe fitting injection molds and injection machine.