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PET Bottle Production Line
Plastic Cutlery Production Line
IML Pail Production Line

PET Bottle Production Line

Dakumar supply customers with complete PET bottle production line solutions from perform making to downstream packaging,we offer complete bottle turnkey molding line with high quality.We help our customers find the most economical way to do the investment! With excellent quality, diamond service, Dakumar has already recognized as the most reliable enterprise who offer the turnkey solution for PET bottle production line for our customers all over the world! However, Dakumar is not satisfied with our achievement, we will make efforts to improve ourself to make contribution for booming the PET market!

What we are packaging?

· Water

· Tea/Juice

· Carbonated drink

· Dairy

What equipment do we offer ?

· Preform Mould

· Preform molding system

· Bottle Mould

· Bottle blowing system

· Filling system

· Conveying system

· Downstream Packaging System

Bottle production flow chart

Provide following information to get the most economical solution from us

· What’s your bottle specification? Includes Bottle shape, bottle volume, bottle weight, bottle neck diameter, bottle filling temperature.

· What are you going to pack? (water, juice or carbonated drink ? )

· What’s the productivity do you expecting in one hour ?

Dakumar can offer you engineer door to door service. We help you design the workshop layout, install all the equipment in your workshop, and training your engineers. Welcome to visit Dakumar and contact us, our aim is to provide customers with the PET bottle production line that with the best return on investment!

Plastic Cutlery Production Line

With the development of the economy and technology, the plastic cutlery is more and more popular in our daily life. The cutlery is mainly fork, knife and spoon.Plastic cutlery molding supplier- Sino Holdings Group can offer you the plastic cutlery production line.

Sino Holdings Group is a group company, Sino Mould Co., Ltd and Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd are the two main subsidiary company. Sino Mould has 24 years experience in making plastic mould and also it is one of the most famous plastic cutlery mold manufacturer in China, we nearly shipped 150 sets cutlery moldsannually to Uzbekistan,South Africa,Peru,Colombia,Saudi Arabia, etc. It includes the airline cutlery,daily cutlery, military cutlery, single use cutlery.

The material often choose PP or PS. As for the mold cavity layout, according to the injection machine and the output, we can design personally for customer whether it is round, square or other shape. The round one is one tip hot runner, and make the mold whole block. The square one can be full-hot runner or semi-hot runner. We can make the mold insert or whole block. Compared with the whole block,the insert is more convenient for mold modification. The steel we often use STAVAX S136, DIN1. 2344, DIN1. 2316 with the HRC 42-45. Depends on different shape, mold structure, the stee, the delivery time are mostly 45days, about the cycle time, such like coffee spoon, 36 cavity, the cycle time can be 7s.

Dakumar Machinery can offer the injection machine with auxiliary equipment to produce the cutlery mold, most customers choose servo motor machine or high speed machine, we have many tonnages to meet all customers’ request, such like DKM-SV268, DKM-SV330, DKM-SV380 etc. Regarding the auxiliary equipment, we can provide auto-loader, dryer, water chiller, crusher, mold temperature, mixer, etc.

If you have any questions or need any technical support in making plastic cutlery, welcome to contact us, Sino can offer you complete plastic cutlery production line. We have helped nearly 30 customers build the plant from zero.

Painting Bucket Production Line

Dakumar is experienced in supplying our customer IML Painting Bucket Production Line. The production line consist of plastic paint bucket mold, plastic injection machine, In mould labeling robot, as well as other auxiliary machines etc. We can help you to start a new plant from zero for IML painting pail turnkey solution.


-IML Painting bucket mold


We had made different kinds I-M-L paint bucket and painting pail. There are round shape, square shape in different size of 5L 10L 15L 18L 20L…. The different requirements for the productivity or cycle time affect the steel using for the IML paint bucket mold. For example 20L squire paint bucket usually run with cycle time of 30 seconds. If customer need faster cycle time, we can use BeCu(beryllium copper)at the top of the core and the bottom of the cavity. BeCu(beryllium copper) material have better effectin cooling and it is not easy wear out.


-Painting bucket plastic injection molding Machine


We have servo injection molding machine size from DKM 50T~DKM4000T. And for paint bucket , The suitable machine size will be DKM250T,DKM350T,DKM450T,DKM550T up to DKM650T plastic injection machine for paint bucket up to 20L. We have standard type and servo motor type of DKM injection machine. The injection machine for bucket in-mold-labeling action will include the robot interface, KEBA controller with IML system program.  If customer plant electricity is steady, we will suggest you to choose servo motor type. As this type machine have the function of energy save. Machine can save 30~60% energy. The philosophy is servo injection machine will stop energy consuming when the mold is during cooling period.


-Auxiliary machine


The basic auxiliary machine includes chiller, autoloader, crusher, air compressor, air tank, air dryer, air filter etc. We will select the suitable model for each equipment according the mold you will make. The most key point is IML robot automation. It consist of Labeling magazine, IML labeling static charger, robot for IML label insert and IML bucket pick up function. Learn more…


Please feel free to contact us if you have demand in any painting bucket production line for IML and standard painting bucket.

DAKUMAR offers different turnkey solution service for packaging production line, from PET preform production line, to cap molding line, PET bottle production line, syringe production line, food container packing complete line…

When starting a new production line or a new project, the most common questions people will worry about are how to find a professional and reliable supplier, what kind of equipment will be suitable, and how to start a new line from zero?  As a leading company in plastic injection molding and blowing filed, Dakumar has rich experiencein offering complete line for packaging line, cooperating with its sister company Sino Mould. We have supplied over 100 complete lines to different countries, such as Russia, Venezuela, South Africa… for production line like food container and packing production line, PET preform molding line, water bottle production line, painting pack bucket solution…

For packagingproduction line, Sino offers moulds for packaging products, such as preform moulds, cap moulds, food container moulds…. And Dakumar offers the rest equipment, such as plastic injection machine, and PET blowing machine, and also some auxiliary such as chiller, loader, dryers… We will offer all the accessories required for a new production line.

Our engineers are experienced with both packaging moulds and machines for decades. We will recommend you the most suitable proposal for a new packaging production line; help you select the moulds and machinesaccording to outputrequirement. Before delivery of goods, we will invite you to visit Dakumar to check the production line running test and as well as offer training service for learning how to operate all the equipments. To help our customer to start the production quickly, Dakumar will depute engineer to help install machines and auxiliary, and will also arrange for some training for basic operation and maintenance. So the customer could manage the production and equipment when our engineer is back.

Welcome to contact us to get a tailor made proposal if you are interested in packaging molding line.