Paint Pail Introduction

  • 2021-11-29
    DKM Plastic Paint Pail Production Line

    Are you interested in paint pail production? Do you want to set up your own paint pail production line? Let me show you the huge market potential of paint pail and introduce an excellent paint pail production line for you.


    Paint Pails' Large Market

    Paint and coatings industry, as an important component of the international chemical industry, is flourishing with the development of world economy. The global market volume of paint and coatings amounted to nearly ten billion gallons in 2019. In 2020, the global paint and coatings industry was estimated to be valued at some 158 billion dollars. [1]Therefore, as a container of paint, paint pail also has a huge market.


    Advantages of Plastic Paint Pails

    Compared to traditional metal paint pails, plastic paint pails have many advantages. They have lighter weight which is convenient for delivery. And they are not breakable and not rusty and have better corrosion resistance which ensure a long service time. Hence, plastic paint pail is a good choice for paint production manufacturers.


    Advantages of DKM Plastic Paint Production Line

    DKM has engaged in providing paint pail production lines for customers all around the world for over 20 years. We can customize a variety of paint pail production lines in different volume (from 5L, 10L to 20L) and shapes (from square, round to oval) to fulfill customers’ demands. During the past 20 years, we have delivered over 200 paint pail production lines for our customers. After long time R&D, DKM has launched a brand new 20L paint pail production line consisting of DKM650SV Servo Electrical Injection Molding Machine and side enter robot. Thanks to the function of 3 axis linkages, the line realizes material charging, mould opening and ejection at the same time to reach 15 second short cycle time. And equipped with IML system, the line also helps save cycle time and labor cost.


    Do you feel excited about the huge market of paint pails? Do you plan to setting up your own business? DKM offers turnkey solution for you to set up excellent Plastic Paint Production Line.


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    The data of the global paint size is referenced to this report.