SINO - 11 Advanced Industrial Products of Zhejiang Province

  • 2021-08-17
    Advanced Industrial Product of Zhejiang Province Audit

    August 13, 2021, SINO's 11 projects had been approved to be Advanced Industrial Products of Zhejiang Province by Experts!


    11 Advanced Industrial Products of Zhejiang Province - developed and produced by new technical principles and new design concepts, has a breakthrough in structure and process, has a significant improvement over the original product, thereby significantly improving product performance, and improving economic benefits:


    - Five Plastic Machineries

    1. DKM-1300HH large all-electric injection machine with highlights of parallel actions, low inertia and high precision. The technical performance has even reached the international advanced level!

    2. DKM Plastic Injection Molding Machine.

    3. DKM toggle type servo plastic injection molding machine.

    4. DKM PVC injection molding machine with highlights of high energy saving and precision.

    5. DKM Hydro-charging Melt Blown Fabric Line.

    - Six Plastic Injection Moulds

    1. INS injection mould.

    2. Water dripper injection mould – high speed, patent ejection system and separate inserts for each cavity.

    3. Stack high speed injection mould.

    4. Cap injection mould with automatic top-cap flip and thread stripping.

    5. Multi-cavity special ultra-thin-wall container injection mould.

    6. Injection molds for large belowground cable bushing (municipal engineering).


    Under the mission of "make plastic molding more value", we will continue to focus on scientific and technological research and development and product innovation, and make greater contributions to the development of the plastic injection molding industry.