Plastic Seat Chair Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

  • 2017-10-13
    Seat Chair Injection Machine

    Dakumar Machinery co supplying plastic seat chair injection machine by high performance machine and pre-sale and after saleservice.                              

    Seat chair injection molding machine usually by model DKM650t, DKM850t or DKM1150t for different series seat chair.

    DKM650 for seat chair without hydraulic without arm, big model for seat chair with hydraulic or arm design, injection machine design considering core puller valve suitable for holes leg seat chair design.

    Dakumar machine with servo motor, famous brand electric and mechanical parts and safety CE standard to keep injection machine in power saving, stable and safety running.

    With many experience in plastic chair Mould manufacturer Sino Mould, seat chair Mould design, seat chair moldflow, sea tchair steel choose , seat chair clamping analysis  , injection weight analysis ...It is important for support Dakumar co for plastic injection production line,one-station service you will get from Sino Holdings. Two branch companies oneis professional on plastic Mould and another one is professional injection machine, totally for prepare supplying whole production line fine solution.

    Sino after-service Technical team ready forany place of world for help customer installation, adjusting, or training. Sinoprepare training information teach customer how to operate injection machine & chair mould? How to maintenance them?

    If you are looking for seat chair injection molding machine manufacturer in China, welcome you down visit us.