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TV Set Production Line

Highlight injection molding technology for nice appearance

Improve the production efficiency of TV set project by the specific technology for perfect surface and fast cycle time.

  • TV Set Molding Production Line-Machine
  • TV Set Molding Production Line-Moulds
  • TV Set Molding Production Line-TV Set
  • Efficient Maker——Perfectly combine pre-heating and cooling time. Clear responsibility in whole project.

    ECO Project——For TV Set, Servo energy saving machine can save 30% to 80% power. Profit in very short time.

    Easy handing of your purchase. Easy Quality control& inspection.

    Quick Response——24hs on line. Prompt after-sales service. Quick delivery with all goods together.

    Keep Improving——Molding machine is always in upgrading according to the feedback from our customers. And we save complete data base for future project.


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