PET test tube injection molding production line

Special Requirements

There are special requirements for PET test tube injection molding production line and related equipment. The specific requirements are as follows:

  • Test Tube Turnkey Production Line-Machine
  • Test Tube Turnkey Production Line-Moulds
  • Test Tube Turnkey Production Line-Tube
  • -Injection molding machine needs full electric injection


    Because only the electric injection can ensure the equal weight of the machine every time, because only the injection molding machine with electric injection can accurately control the position of the screw every time.


    -PET is a special material. We need to use high L/D screw for matching, and the plasticizing capacity of the screw also has high requirements.


    -PET Test Tube is a kind of Medial Consumables, the production requires the workshop to be kept very clean, the mold clamping system and injection system should be free of oil, smoke and dust.


    -PET Test Tube Mold material selection and tooling processing methods are also very special.


    -Mold processing technology can not use high-speed lathes only or general internal and external grinding machines.


    -PET Test Tube Mold need a very professional hot runner system, and it should be valve gate system. The Manifold and the Nozzle need precision dimension, precision temperature controlling & pressure even, distance equal, speed equal.


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