Test Tube Turnkey Production Line

Highest standards regarding cleanliness and precision.

Dakumar offers test tube turnkey production line with tailor made blood tube molding solution. A mature test tube turnkey production line includes test tube mold, blood tube injection molding machine, some auxiliary equipments, such as chiller, air compressor, and dryer. etc...

  • Test Tube Turnkey Production Line-Machine
  • Test Tube Turnkey Production Line-Moulds
  • Test Tube Turnkey Production Line-Tube
  • Long mould life with good quality - guarantee at least 1Million shots mould life & excellent polishing property which could ensure blood tube surface high transparence appearance.

    Low "life cycle costs" - Hot runner valve gate system, which could ensure a beautiful gate mark and it will save a lot of material cost because there will be no spruce or runner waste.

    Mature test tube mold design structure - Optimal cooling system and air venting system. Our design team had at least 10 years’ experience with innovative original design idea.

    Easy mould maintenance - each cavity of blood tube cavity/core inserts is interchangeable, made by standardized tooling machine-- Japan machine MAZAK high precision lathe. And we will offer spare parts for core and cavity inserts to help you to recover production in shortest time.

    Dynamic manufacturing - Accord to test tube mold information, Information like injection capacity, clamping force, distance between bars and ejection stroke… are required to choose a suitable injection machine.