The Role of Electronic Ruler in Injection Molding Machine

  • 2020-08-31
    The Role of Electronic Ruler in Injection Molding Machine

    The flexibility of electronic ruler type of injection molding machine is greatly improved because of the design of signal acquisition and disposal divided into two circuit boards.In this cycle work, the locking die, movement of injection unit, injection molding and ejector work stations need to be accurately controlled.The injection and clamping stroke control of injection part plays an important role in the performance and product precision of an injection molding machine.

    The working principle of injection molding machine is by the use of plastic thermoplastic, it heating by the heating ring on the barrel, so that the material melting, and then with high speed, high pressure to make it rapidly flows into the mold cavity.After a period of pressure holding, cooling, curing and shaping,under the action of the closing system, the mold opens and the product is pushed out of the mold by the ejecting unit.

    Injection molding is a cyclical process, each cycle primarily includes: quantitative feeding - melt plasticizing - clamping mold - injection unit moving forward - pressure molding -cooling - injection unit back - mold opening - ejecting products, after taking out the products and then clamping the mold for the next cycle. 

    The clamping unit of injection molding machine, the movement of injection unit, injection molding and the position control precision of ejecting products is controlled through the displacement sensor, the melten plastic was injected to the mold cavity relying on the screw driving controlling injection molding and sol position.

    The clamping unit, the movement of the injection platform and the ejecting products are controlled by the oil pressure. The size and speed are controlled by the pressure and speed. The position is set by the electronic ruler of the injection molding machine.Although the electronic ruler of all injection molding machines is only a small part of the injection molding machine, it plays a vital role in the control setting of the locking mold, the movement of the injection molding table, and the ejecting parts.