Top One Plastic Turnkey Molding Service Supplier

  • 2017-10-13
    Chinese Suppliers For Plastic Turnkey Molding Service

    As a group company, we have more than decades experience in worldwide plastic application, and are outstanding in Chinese suppliers for plastic turnkey molding service. We have two factory sites, one is Dakumar Machinery for tailored plastic injection molding machines design and manufacture, like hybrid high speed molding machine, hydraulic clamping system-two plates machine, toggle clamping servo motor machine, double colormachine… And there are enough stock machines to save your invest time. Another one is Sino Mould for various plastic molds. We have our strong advantages in plastic field for offering turnkey molding solutions, assist you to save time and cost from different suppliers.


    Besides only molds or injection machines, we can serve you else with molding solution service, like choosing matching molds or machine to your ready equipment, technical points on get good quality parts, engineering training service at site, whole molding lines mass production at our company before shipping…. While for one-stop project, we support unique service-providing free training at our factory of molds basic technology, machine daily maintenance with free accommodation in one month.  


    Warmly welcome your visit to our company for choosing plastic turnkey solution, and we are ready to assist you all the times.