Washing Machine Production Line

Personalized service with Turnkey Project

Choosing experienced, creditable & all-powerful supplier of your washing machine production line is very important for an investor. Because such supplier means lower time cost, in other words, it means more benefits.

  • Washing Machine Molding Production Line-Machine
  • Washing Machine Molding Production Line-Moulds
  • Washing Machine Molding Production Line-Washing Machines
  • Quicker payback at a lower cost: easy handing of your purchase with less cost for starting your project in short time.

    Saving time and effort: no need to spend much time to find different nice suppliers and resolve disputes hard between suppliers and you as unclear responsibility.

    Reliable production line: We made more than 50 sets washing machine molds for different customers.


We guarantee that we do not store any more data than required for the services provided. We do not pass this data to third parties outside Sino Mould Co., Ltd. All information will, of course, be treated confidentially.