Whole Bottle Production Line

  • 2019-07-01
    Bottle Production Line

    Sino Holdings Group can offer whole Bottle production line solution, include PET Preform Molding Production Line, cap molding line, blowing molding line and water filling line. All these equipment can be provided by us, it is convenience for you for complete line, and we will test all equipment in our company before shipping, it can confirm all goods high matching with each other.


    At the beginning, you can purchase two injection molding machines to start this project first, one injection machine produce caps and handle, the other PET machine produce PET preforms. If your productivity is large, we will recommend the best solution for you according to your capacity requirement. For example,72 cavities PET preform mould and 72 cavities cap mould, use 650Ton PET injection molding machine and 550Ton servo energy saving injection molding machine. Automatic blowing molding line and filling line can help you achieve automatic work. You can save the labor cost.


    Our company can design the workshop layout for you, and we can send engineer to your factory to install all machines and teach you how to run all equipment. Good after-sales service solve your problem timely. If you want to set up a whole bottle production line or PET Preform Molding Production Line, please kindly contact us.