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How To Choose A Plastic Injection Machine

  • 2019-02-19
    How to choose a plastic injection machine

    How to choose a plastic injection machine? This is a very significant question for those people looking for a new machine.

    In my opinion, choosing a plastic injection moulding machine should have several steps as bellow:

    1.Choosing the injection machine types according to the product and product material. Plastic injection machine have many different types. We need to choose one according to our clients’requirement. 

    Normally, if the product material is PP\PE\PS\ABS, we will choose normal screw arbor for injection machine. If the products is PET\PC\PMMA\PU\nylon, it will be a special screw for this material.

    2.Choosing the injection machine with suitable injection volume and suitable screw diameter according to the product weight and cavity number. 

    If one product is 10g with two cavity, so the product weight is 20g.

    3.Choosing suitable clamping force also according to product and product weight. Because when we inject the plastic one, one expansibility force will happen and the machine need a certain clamping force to keep the mould closed.


    4.We should consider machine space between tie-bars, max and min mold height, whether they are suitable for the mould dimension. 

    Normally ,mould height should be between min mold weight and max mold height.


    5.Clients’ other special requirement.

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