How To Choose Suitable Machine

  • 2020-07-31
    How To Choose Suitable Machine

    Many customers usually buy the plastic mould and the injection molding machine separately. However many of them do not know how to choose the suitable machine for the mould. Here share some key points for choosing the suitable machine, and hope it can help you.


    There are many factors for choosing the machine, such as the mould, the product, the raw material, and molding requirement, etc. So we must know the below information first,

    a). mold dimension, weight, special structure

    b). the raw material.

    c). the product dimension, weight

    d). Industrial voltage (as different country has different voltage)


    After got all the upper information, we can choose the suitable machine as follow steps:

     1). Choose the right type

    There are many kinds of the machines, for example, if the material is PET, we should choose the PET screw machine, if the product has two color, we should choose the bi-color injection machine. If the product is the thin wall product, we should choose the high speed machine.

    2). Check the mold can put in the machine

       The mold width or the length (or at least one side) must less than the distance between tie-bar. The mold height should be between the Max. height and the Min. height.

    3). The product can drop down

       The toggle stroke should be more than twice of the product.

    4). The clamp tonnage must enough for the injection


    Those are some of the key points to choose the suitable machine. If you still do not very clear about it, you can contact SINO, we can offer you the line solution.