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Plastic packaging box referred to as "Thin-wall Container", which has been widely used in every aspect of our life. So it's a very broad market.

SINO group can customize a variety of Thin-wall packagin contatiner production line with high production performance for each customer.  Solutions and quotations will be based on drawings or samples, production capacity, customer budget and experience.  Complete Thin-wall Container Turkey Solutions include, thin wall container moulds, high speed injection molding machines, robots and other necessities.


When we receive your inquiry, we will provide a one-to-one service and the sales engineer will screen and analyze all the information you provide. Sino will then provide detailed specifications, such as thin-wall container mold specifications, injection molding machine specifications, plant layout, production capacity, production cost analysis, material power consumption, etc., to provide the best solution. From our recommendations, it gives you a clear idea of what the entire production line is ready for and when it can be profitable.

DKM High-Speed Injection Molding Machine saves material: high production performance, allows minimum wall thickness, mini. The mold wall thickness of four-cavity Thin-wall Container can reach 0.28mm. High production capacity:. Short production cycle. For example, for a four-cavity 250ml container mold, you can get 4800 per hour. Reduce production cost: high speed, durable, energy saving injection molding machine, minimum cooling water consumption, low maintenance cost.

In the packaging category, we not only provide Thin-wall Container Production Line, We also provide the Plastic Pallet Production Line, if you need ,pls contact us.

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