DKM & Sino Mould take the service as company’s key products, updated the service quality into company QC ranges.

  • 2020-03-16
    DKM Plastic Injection Molding Machines' Key Products are Service

    On the morning of March 16th, Sino Holdings Group Co.,Ltd (SINO) held a meeting on quality strategic objectives for 2020, SINO fully and systematically deployed the tasks of the two major QC departments of the machinery division and the mold division (DKM Plastic Machine & Sino Mould), combining with the strategic objectives of the board of directors.


    There are two points concluded by the chairman Mr. Lee for the core work of QC departments:

    1. Based on machines and molds QC, increase service quality management function.

    SINO has changed traditional product QC to comprehensive management of service and quality. as we all know that taking the road of high-quality development has become the main tone of China's economic development, and those companies who could high quality develop could be better in the fierce market competition.

    That’s why SINO requires the QC departments to increase the service quality management. Finally, market - oriented, user - centered service would be one of the special competitiveness of SINO.


    2.  The objectives of QC work shall be highly consistent with the strategic objectives of the board.

    The objectives is pretty important on company quality management, otherwise, all work is in vain. Hence, the objectives of QC must be consistent with the company strategic objectives.

    From the perspective of the company's long-term development, SINO would make service to be the best by all efforts of staff from details.


    The successful holding of this meeting fully demonstrates the upgrade of SINO service. It is believed that both divisions will make unremitting efforts for the SINO quality goal with a strong sense of responsibility and mission.