Plastic Injection Molding Machines--Basic Specification for Safe Operation


a. All plastic injection molding machines shall be equipped with electric shock protection.

b. The mold locking mechanism shall be equipped with two or more safety protection functions: electrical safety protection, mechanical ram safety protection or hydraulic safety protection.

c. There must be a power emergency stop switch.

d. Injection Molding Machine's Operators must pass the post training before taking up their posts.

e. The following items shall be carefully checked during the plastic injection molding machine's operation:

1. Whether the emergency stop power switch is normal, the operator must need to check before operating an plastic injection molding machine.
2. Whether the travel switch of the movable safety door is normal.
3. Whether the hydraulic safety switch is normal.
4. Whether the mechanical safety device is in good condition.
5. The operation control panel is damaged and cannot be started.
6. If there is no mechanical insurance and the mechanical insurance is improperly adjusted, it is strictly prohibited to start the injection molding machine.
7. Turn off the power supply, oil pump and cooling water when the injection molding machine and mold are damaged.

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