Medical Test Tube Molding Solution


  Plastic is an extremely important appliance in the medical field,and the plastic injection products are the most used.Considering the special medical products have high standard of hygiene and cleanliness,these products must be injected and formed in the dust-free workshop.At the same time, the precision,thinning and high productivity all pose the challenges to the matching of the plastic mould,injection moulding machine and roboter.

  DKM has a team with more than 10 years’ experience on the high precision mould manufacture and injection,introduces the famous foreign precision mould processing equipment and independently develop the DKM DF series injection moulding machine to product medical line including test tube,petri dish,oxygen mask and so on.We continue to learn,continue to invest and improve to meet customers’ new demand, and offer the quick,efficient,reliable production proposal.

  On the early period of the mould design,DKM will choose the reliable mould design drawing and processing proposal.And then,we will provide the improvement suggestions to optimize the product structure by evaluating the rationality of customer product drawings.Therefor,DKM could effectively control the budget and time cost .DKM engineers with more than 10 years,could meet custom requirements and solve customer’s problems.

  In terms of injection, the DKM EH(all-electric) series of injection molding machines developed by DKM can effectively avoid hydraulic oil pollution and have better environmental performance; the combination of intelligence and electronic control technology has higher precision, strong main control force, and increased production speed. The all-electric injection molding machine will be a benchmark product in the injection molding industry.

  We are adhering to the mission of "Maximize the customer's use value", and with an attitude of excellence, we help manufacturing enterprises reduce staff and increase efficiency, improve production efficiency and stability, make the production environment safer and friendlier, and create a more modern and better production environment for customers. Smart corporate image.

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