DKM Plastic Paint Pail Production Line Development History

  • 2022-01-10
    Plastic Paint Pail Production Line

    DKM is a famous plastic paint pail production line supplier in China. As a branch company of Sino Holding, led by the mission of making molding more valuable, DKM always thinks for customers and keeps on research and development. Let’s briefly review the development history of DKM paint pail production line.


    In 2005, Sino Mould, another branch company of Sino Holding, has begun to provide paint pail mould for customers. At that time, we provided only moulds and needed to buy dosing pump injection molding machines from other companies for customers.


    In 2007, DKM was founded by Sino Holding and started research and development of injection molding machines. It’s a new starting point for us to take on a new path of providing a whole plastic paint pail production line including machines, moulds and other services rather than a single mould.


    In 2011, DKM started to provide paint pail production line equipped with DKM variable pump injection molding machine.


    In 2017, DKM paint pail turnkey solution has become much more completed and DKM servo motor injection molding machines took the place of variable pump machines to help speed up production. In the meanwhile, we have started the R&D of IML system and exploration for automatic production.


    In 2022, DKM 20L paint pail production realized 14.8s cycle time and full automatic production with no need of labor thanks to the R&D achievements in IML system. High efficiency, high precision and automatic in label molding make this line recognized by our customers. We also optimized the mold structure of waterway to speed up cooling and reduce cycle time. Besides, machines configuration were optimized to meet the 5H principle of high quality, high speed, high energy saving, high safety, high stability for the plastic injection molding industry. What’s more, we developed IML robotic arms independently and became one of the first companies to finish independent R&D and production.


    Review the past and look to the future, it is constant R&D that make DKM become powerful and competitive in the plastic injection molding market. Facing the trend towards automatic production, DKM, who named from the acronym of Discover the Key of Molding, will keep on research and provide better plastic paint pail production line for more customers all over the world.