DKM Plastic Paint Pail Production Line

  • 2021-11-15
     DKM Paint Pail & Bucket Production Line

    Paint pail is an indispensable part of paint production industry. Nowadays, with the development of paint industry, more and more attention has been paid to paint pail production. DKM, experienced in providing paint pail production line for over 20 years, has prepared a superior paint pail production line for you.


    Introduction of DKM Paint Pail Production Line

    DKM Paint Pail Production Line contains high speed molding machine, paint bucket mold, side enter picking robot, conveyor belt, and other auxiliary equipment to make production more efficient and faster. We offers paint pail production line producing varies kinds of paint pails from 5L, 10L to 20L, from square, round to oval.


    Short Cycle Time

    Time is precious. Saving time is reducing cost. DKM Paint Pail Production Line’s parallel operation design realizes material charging, mould opening and ejection at the same time which helps saving material melting time and saving 1/3 cycle time. Equipped with high speed plastic paint container molding machine, our 20L in mold labeling paint pail production line successfully achieved 15s cycle time.


    Complete auxiliary equipment

    DKM Paint Pail Production Line is equipped with complete auxiliary equipment. Take 20L in mold labeling paint bucket production as an example, this line is equipped with IML system completing in-mold label and pail molding at the same time to help save producing time and reduce labor cost. Besides, this line includes chiller, cold water tower, air compressor, loading machine and others to make your production more convenient.


    High Quality

    As a container of paint, plastic paint pail needs to have good sealing performance and resistance to pressure and impact. DKM has built up a complete QC system to ensure our products’ quality.

    If you want to start your own paint pail production, come and contact us. DKM Paint Pail Production Line will be your good choice.