Plastic Crate Injection Molding Basics

  • 2019-07-25
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    Are you looking for the complete guidance of starting a plastic crate injection molding business? If yes, you are at right place. We would share basics of it from three aspects to help you know plastic crate injection molding quickly.


    1. Confirm the basic info of plastic crates


    There are various plastic crates worldwide used widely in textiles, garment, aquaculture, electronics, pharmaceuticals, engineering components, processed foods, fisheries, dairies, distilleries & bottling plants, poultry, agriculture, cold storage, fruit and vegetable handling, soft drinks, and automobile industries, etc.


    Different specification and performance of plastic crates would be required by their applications, and generally, there are some common requirements for the plastic crates:


    A. lightness with high strength and durability

    It is required by their uses for short term storage or shipping, and the cost optimization (universal in all businesses).


    B. stacked or nested for easy storage and transport

    These plastic boxes are often found in general farms or stores to organize, store and transport vegetable and fruit. So the construction would be designed well for easy storage and transport.


    You can see that the plastic crates could be with various colors, shapes and sizes, which depend on the function requirements and the market. So if you'd like to start the plastic crates molding business, the first thing is confirming the basic info and requirement of your plastic crates.


    2. Learn more about plastic crate injection molding process (long-term work)


    It would help you much to find the suitable suppliers for the related equipment and tools for your efficient and stable production of plastic crate, if you learn more and more about the plastic crate injection molding process. And do not hurry much at once, learn basic and then try to learning more by internet and suppliers. It’s life-time learning.


    Here, list the basic process of the plastic crate injection molding:

    Generally, plastic crate injection molding is that an injection machine press plastic into a crate mould to finally become a crate. Here is the video for your better understanding:

    3. Basics of plastic crate injection molding equipment


    As mentioned above, the plastic crate injection molding would require necessary equipment and tool – plastic crate mould and plastic crate making machine, the basic tips for them are listed, kindly check the following info.


    A. The necessary tool – plastic crate moulds


    A crate mold is a tool with specially shaped cavity and core that, when filled with liquefied plastic, gives the plastic its shape of crate. By the different plastic crate moulds, it could make different crates, such as coca cola plastic bottle crate, vegetable crate, fruit crate, fish crate, bread crate, milk crate, industrial crate, foldable crate, thin wall crate, double wall injection crate, two side stackable crate and so on.


    So there would be different mould design points as different crates and requirements too, such as higher production capacity requirement - 2 or 4 cavities crate mould design with fast cycle time 15 seconds; 2 cavities cola bottle crate mould with 35 seconds cycle time;


    And the common basic tips for quality plastic crate mould:

    - Long mould life with superior mould steel (suitable steel and HRC)

    - Easy injection (sometimes, need special hot runner system filter design for recycled material)

    - Optimal cooling system design

    - Nice air venting system design

    - Insert interchangeable system (to save cost for more crate molding)

    - Advanced demolding system


    B. The necessary machinery – plastic crate making machine


    The plastic crate making machine takes raw plastic and processes it into a usable crate. Usually it begins with a material loading in a hopper which delivers plastic to a conveyance channel, and then plastic material would be melted by a screw with heating, finally the machine push the liquid plastic into mould, and after cooling, help to crate demolding.


    It is usually energy saving plastic injection moulding machine, but for higher production capacity for particular crates, high speed injection moulding machine would be suggested. They have same obviously advantage of power energy saving for long-term machine running, especially suitable for some area which has high power cost.


    The basic points for suitable crate making machine:

    -Injection speed and weight

    -Clamping force

    -Tia bar distance


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