Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Injection Molding Machine

DKM plastic injection molding machine is a well-known manufacturer of injection molding machines in China. Since its establishment, DKM has become a technology pioneer in the world injection molding machine industry with its strong R&D and innovation capabilities. In order to better serve users, DKM is building a global service center, which ensures that DKM can respond quickly in after-sales service.

Over the years, DKM has focused on medical injection molding, packaging injection molding and logistics warehousing equipment injection molding, and made great breakthroughs in these types of injection molding cycles. While providing various high-end dedicated injection molding machines, DKM also provides one-stop turnkey engineering services for the production line.

For example:

1. Disposable syringe injection molding production line

2. PET blood collection tube injection molding system

3. PET Preform Mould injection molding production line

4. Plastic Pallet injection molding production line

5. Plastic paint bucket injection molding production line


These production lines are the core products of DKM, representing the key competitiveness of DKM plastic injection machine. The production line has been continuously optimized in terms of injection molding cycle, delivery time and stability, and has formed an absolute competitive advantage in the industry.

DKM injection molding machines recruit service providers around the world. We sincerely invite professional teams to join DKM. Together, we will spread DKM injection molding machines to every corner of the world, to Make Molding More Valuable!

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