Plastic Injection Molding Machine’s Daily Maintenance


The daily maintenance of the plastic injection molding machine is related to the service life of the injection molding machine. Just like our cars, the car can run faster and more stably only if it is regularly maintained.

1. Check and adjust all safety facilities every day, and ensure that all safety facilities are normal before using and operating the plastic injection molding machine; Check the oil quantity in the lubricating oil tank, and add new oil of the same brand; Check the oil level on the hydraulic oil tank. If the oil level drops below the centerline of the level gauge, add hydraulic oil above the centerline, and add new oil of the same brand; After the first operation for 1000 hours, replace or clean the oil suction filter, hydraulic oil and oil tank;

When the plastic injection molding machine operating for 5000 hours or at most one year, replace or clean the air filter and hydraulic oil. Note that the old and new hydraulic oil cannot be mixed; Check and replace the sealing ring and wear ring of the hydraulic cylinder and replace the high-pressure hose after 20000 hours of operation or at most 5 years; Replace the controller (host) battery every 3 years; Replace the battery on the operation panel every 5 years.

2. During the use of the plastic injection molding machine, it is necessary to regularly observe whether each lubricating point of the injection molding machine is in normal working condition. It shall be noted that each lubrication time must be sufficient to ensure that each lubrication point of the entire lubrication system is well lubricated. The lubrication modulus (interval time) and each lubrication time of the DKM machine are realized through the reasonable setting of computer parameters. Regularly observe the working condition of the lubricating system and keep the lubricating oil in the oil tank at a reasonable level. In case of poor lubrication, timely lubricate and check the lubrication condition of each lubrication point to ensure that the injection molding machine is well lubricated.

3. The air filter of the oil tank is used to breathe in the oil tank and prevent dirt such as external dust from entering the oil tank, so it is a very important component that needs regular maintenance. The air filter is installed on the top of the oil tank. Before cleaning, loosen the cover, replace the air filter element, and then tighten the cover again. Note that the cover must be tightened, otherwise the oil will spill out.

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