Customize Injection Molding Machine

  • 2018-12-21
    plastic injection molding supplier

    With the development for the plastic injection molding field of the modern life    ,More and more new plastic material be research and found .Such as the Nylon plus fiber glasses materialPPSU ,POM,PEI+GF and etc plastic material .They are special request for the injection molding machine barrel ad screw. And some material would have high request for the machine power and pressure .   


    Dakumar injection molding machine as one of the china best injection molding machine maker pay much attention on the plastic injection molding machine research and innovation .Every year we would invest more than 5-6 technical technology design innovation project competitiononce receive a good reward for the machine itself property. Our leader layer would consider combine it with our existing machine design. We are growing company, our company import European injection molding machine design idea and employ the European professional engineer team design the machine with nice hydraulic and electric route . Now our design become very stable and owns safety CE standard .


    We available for customer customize specific using injection  molding machine, free to talk for the machine shot weightscrew rotation speed, injection pressure, ejection distance, power, voltage , mould thickness customize ... if customer need to customize. Welcome to online enquiry and further request .