There is a pretty strong QC team and perfect quality standard for mechanical, hydraulic, electronic, we are aiming to be the best plastic molding machine supplier from China.

Quality Control for All the Mechanical Components.

From machine base, frame to all other machined mechanical parts. Dakumar QC team do much CAM on machine’s frame to check if there is any deformation on the frame before the assembling, also check all the other mechanical components dimension to see if they meet the tolerance according to 2D parts drawings.

Quality control for all the mechanical components

QC for Plastic Molding Machine’s Assembling.

The high precision components need the correct assembling, otherwise, we can never work out a good quality and precise plastic molding machine, Dakumar assembling workshop has very professional assembling experience and skills, and has its own standard Dakumar plastic molding machine Assembling Processing Standard, the rigorous skillful workmanship keep the machine’s smoothly assembled and keep the machines working accurately.

QC for plastic molding machine's assembling

QC for All the Components From Our Suppliers.

Dakumar do very careful selection to all the suppliers, 90% of the hydraulic or electronic parts are purchased from world famous brand, in the same time, we get at least one year quality guarantee for all these parts.

QC for all the components from our suppliers

Wide Variety of Physical Test

Wide variety of physical test to the clamping plate, screw and barrel, tie bars… For example for the clamping plate, Dakumar plastic molding machine related QC officers must check the hardness, and scan the clamping blocks before precise machining. Also do very strict control to screw and barrel’s hardness and make sure the HRC is equal for different areas…

Wide variety of physical test

Plastic Molding Machine Testing

Dakumar has invested more than 10 sets of different kinds of plastic molds which are only used for different type of plastic molding machine testing purposes. Among these moulds, some of them are suitable for high speed injection, some of them need very precision plastic molding filling, some of them are suitable with side cores and suitable for special plastic material… the machine action testing will take more than 24 hours and plastic molding testing will be longer than 4 hours…

Plastic molding machine testing
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