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  • Paint Bucket Mould Machines

    DKM is professional in paint bucket mould and machine line, has provided more than 300 sets of 20L / 5 Gallons paint pail molding line.

    From 5L, 10L, 20L... square, round, oval and other paint buckets moulding machine, DKM was continuous innovation and improvement on machines line delivery time, cycle time, stability , our 20L in mold labeling paint bucket production, work with 600T, 650T and 700T high speed injection molding machine and side enter robot which were successfully achieved 14.8 second cycle time.

    A big capacity paint pail production line contained dedicated high speed paint bucket molding machine, perfect paint bucket mould, side enter robot/IML robot, conveyor belt, and other auxiliary equipment, chiller, cold water tower, air compressor, loading machine, etc...

    Plastic Paint Bucket Molding Machine

      3-axis linkage to realize material charging mould opening and ejection at the same time.

      High speed injection, high precision single cylinder injection system and high response servo system.

      Using world famous brands optional parts in electric and hydraulic elements and latest version computer controlling system.

      Special designed for Low MFI plastic raw material, suitable for MFI 3.

    Paint Pail Plastic Machine

    Plastic Paint Bucket Mould

      The Paint Bucket Mould Powered by sinomould.com.

      Single or Multi-cavity mould design is optional.

      Perfect and comprehensive cooling system design, mould always is iced, maximizing shortening the cycle time.

      Durable steel with harden treatment, precision tooling.

      Valve gate hot runner system for ease filling and reduce the injection pressure.

    20L Bucket mold (786g)
    Paint Pail Mold 1
    Paint Pail Mold 2
  • Paint Bucket Mould

  • Product: 20L bucket mould (786g)

    Material: 718H

    Cycle time: 14.8s

    Description: Paint Bucket Mould is supplied by Sino Mould. Adopting 718H steel, with excellent polishing performance and high hardenability. The mould has a long life; By adopting Anole 1-point needle valve and the design of the exhaust and water circuit, the molding cycle of the paint pail is greatly shortened, which reduces the cost and increases the benefit for the users.

  • IML system for painting bucket molding solutions

      If you do not need in mold labeling (IML)  robot system, the normal robot is opitional.

    IML robot for pail project
    In-mold labeling robot for buckets

    Paint Bucket Molding Machine Line Auxiliary Machinery

    Paint Bucket Mould Machine Production Line One-Stop Project Service

      Double production Speed + 30 days delivery + lower cost input=【NO COMPITITORS】

      High stability, accuracy and high speed filling with low noise and vibration.

      With ensuring sealing bucket, pass loading and drop test, achieve strong but lightest bucket manufacturing.

      We offer engineering service in your factory for on-stie installation, operating, training, untill your normal mass production.

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    Machine Installing3
    Parameter Adjustment3

    Paint Bucket Mould Machine Images

  • in-mold labeling bucket production
  • injection molding machine for producing buckets
  • DKM DH-series machine
  • Paint Bucket Mould Machines Running Video

    Here are videos of some of our paint pail production lines

    Bucket production line1
  • DKM Paint Pail Production Line
  • Bucket production line2
  • In-mold Labeling 20L Paint Pail Production Line
  • Bucket production line3
  • IML Bucket Production Line

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