DKM Plastic Test Tube Production Line


The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly important as the world is affected by COVID-19.  Plastic parts are widely used in the medical field, such as syringes, petri dishes, test tubes....  Medical Products have a high degree of hygiene and cleanliness, and these products must require very high precision, refinement and high productivity of the mold, which poses a challenge to the matching of plastic mold, injection molding machine and robot.  


We are a turnkey solution provider for injection molding.  What we show is not our high quality molds and machines, but more our turnkey service.  SINO groupe owns the DKM machinery brand and SINO mold brand.  We are a leading manufacturer of injection molding turnkey solutions in China, with over 20 years of experience in the injection molding industry, and our engineers have been working in different countries to serve customers around the world.  We have independently developed DKM-DH Series injection molding machines, and provide medical production lines for producing test tubes, petri dishes, oxygen masks, etc.  We continue to learn, invest and improve to meet customers' new needs and provide customers with fast, efficient and reliable Production Solutions.  

Choose SINO and DKM and you won't have to worry about quality, you won't have to worry about service, you won't have to worry about service speed and time if any problems occur.  Because no matter what happens, we will always be responsible for the service. 

We also provide PET Preform Molding Production Line. If you are interested in Molding, please enquir.  

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