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  • PVC Fittings Solution

    DKM is professional PVC Fitting Injection molding machine manufacture.DKM is committed to creating solutions for PVC fitting and providing better service to customers.DKM can provide customers with a complete PVC Fitting injection molding machine services.We have a good service team and provide pre-sale service,on-purchase service and after-sales service.DKM can provide customers with PVC Fitting Machine  equipment and better performance, and higher degree of automation, which enables customers to produce efficiently and stably.

  • PVC Fitting Injection Molding Machine
  • 1.Oversized hudraulic motor matched to meet the large torque requirements needed for plasticizing PVC.

    2.Oil cooling and water colling system in screw and barrel for large-sized machine.

    3.Enlsrged hydraulic motor,to fit the high torque requirement for PVC plasticization.

  • Plastic PVC Elbow Fitting Molding Machine Application
  • PVC Fitting Mould
  • DKM PVC mold has a good appearance and strong interior, which can make the PVC mold have a long life. DKM PVC can formulate the size and weight of PVC pipe fittings according to the needs of customers. DKM help customers with product design, product molding or opening and closing molds Feasibility Analysis.DKM have professional designers to conduct feasibility analysis and mold flow analysis for customers' PVC fittings moulds.

  • PVC Fitting Mould
  • PVC Fitting Service
  • DKM PVC Fitting can follow project professionally and control quality strictly,providing engineers' on site assistance of commissioning and training at customers' companies.Providing comprehensive documents,such as installation drawings, operation&maintenance manuals,and technical materials.We respond quickly to customer requirements and provide customers with satisfactory service.

  • PVC Fitting Service
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