DKM PVC Pipe Fittings Production Line

  • 2021-12-31
    Plastic PVC Pipe Fittings Turnkey Solution

    SINO and DKM is a professional supplier of PVC Pipe Fittings Production Line in China. 

    The advantages of PVC pipeline are short lead time, good quality and good service. We have a lot of long-term cooperation suppliers, they are professional companies, have their own needs, so in the field of accessories mold has become more and more professional.  

    PVC Pipe Fitting Mold typesare divided into Y-type, U-type, T-type and so on. Our PVC accessories are divided into industrial use, household use, agricultural use and so on. 

    PVC Folding Connector Mold with ф -32mm. Max cutting tools The cavity and core are made of 2343 steel, HRC.48-52 hardened. Use twice tooling: rough tooling precision tooling quenching tooling. Sophisticated machines are used in each process. At the same time to keep the mold strong and durable. At the same time, we also produce PVC injection molding machines for our customers The full production line.So, if you are new to this field, contact me and I can help you set up your own factory.   

    I am waiting for your information here, SINO Holding Group can provide you with all the production lines.

    We also provide plastic pallet production line, if you need welcome.