The Quality Control Of Dakumar PET Injection Moulding Machine

  • 2019-08-01
    PET Injection Molding Machine-DKM

    Dakumar PET injection moulding machine is able to apply European high tech in PET injection moulding machine structure with the help of the finite element and dynamic emulation technique. Our PET injection moulding machine has advanced precising tooling equipment and inspection equipment from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy......with strict QC system to make sure the tooling precision and parts quality.


    We are insist that quality is our life, we will never compromise in our quality.

    1/quality inspection and control in R&D process.

    2/strict quality control during material transmission and assembly process.

    3/strict supplier selection and supplier management system

    4/strict inspection of supply materials

    5/carry out detailed inspection and production simulation test for the finished machine for more than 72 hours

    6/inspection the dimensions of mechanical parts to ensure that the dimensions are within the allowable tolerance range


    The last but not least, our PET injection moulding machine is with the special screw for the barrel which can speed up the plasticizing rate and raise up the success rate of blowing.