Robot System Suplier

  • 2017-10-13
    Robot System Suplier

    Dakumar machinery co., LTD to provide injection molding, manipulator, side in manipulator, mould manipulator, services.

    We have cooperation for many years, with the Italian famous mechanical manufacture and supply for many large food packaging enterprises within the model of a complete set of IML production line, including side entry manipulator, top enter manipulator, a mould stick a manipulator, etc. Sensitive but also because of high stability, fast response, to make our market gradually expanded to more areas, more than one country. Contains, Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Russia. For a complete set of fully automatic manipulator injection molding, we will according to the customer's production requirements, labeling requirements, and will recommend to customers with a complete set of production plan and program plan, including mechanical, injection mold, labels, auxiliary equipment, we will advance in the company to simulate production, form a complete set of operation, after waiting for customer's acceptance, package sent to the customer designated locations. In the following time, professional engineers will go to factory to customers, help customers to debug, installation, until steady production. We look forward to you and we discuss in more detail, more professional on injection molding manipulator, side in manipulator, mould manipulator, manipulator exports and other professional problem, we will provide more professional injection molding solutions, let you more rest assured!

    More specifications and models of the manipulator, please contact us, after get your confirmation, we will as soon as possible to provide you with timely, convenient technical support and service!