How To Set Up A Plastic Products Manufacturing Plant


Plastic products manufacturing plants can be different as the various types of plastic parts processing. The plastic products are surrounding us, they play a very important role in our daily lives, and most of them are made by the technology of injection moulding. Thus, I make the plastic injection molding plant as an example, to show the profile for steps of setup plastics manufacturing factory, which is from our expert business as well.


Above all, please consider that which way would be best for you to make your idea to business, there are generally three ways but not limited to these:

The way for start a plant


start   from an existing manufacturing plant

Higher   Cost But Quickest Stable Running

start   a small manufacturing plant yourself

Suitable   Cost But Higher Requirement For Starting

start   homemade plastic first

Less   Cost But Small Business


No matter which way you prefer, there is the similar profile for steps involved in starting a plastic manufacturing business.


1.       Confirm your desired product (the most fundamental point)

There is a great deal of plastic products, and profitable market is the key reason why you will choose one or some of them, so it needs you to do much research to find the best one to as a start. Then if you are new in plastic industry, the quickest way to check the details of your products is making confirmation with all potential suppliers about production specification.


2.       Confirm your budget

It must be affordable to start your factory by all investment you could get. Your budget will make how your factory would be. Because It will spend much money on all things to setup and run the factory: factory floor, equipment required (plastic injection mould, plastic injection moulding machine and other necessary machinery and tools), labor, the raw plastic required to make the product, marketing…


3.       Confirm the project solution (key process to complete your plan)

Find the reliable suppliers to get the solution for your product production. This can be time-costing for finding and communication, but the quickest way for learning. During this term, it’s better for telling details and requirement for your product, such as the basic info of product (plastic types, item structure, size, weight…), the requirement (such as the practicability and aesthetics, production capacity…), the budget and the factory situation. Then you could get a better solution that most of the equipment required with the primary cost.


4.       Confirm the factory purchasing or building

Based on the solution you get, you will know well how much factory floor space is needed, so you can check the land or building you have and to start the related work. Simplify it here for your reference.

Do you have the factory building or not?

What you shall do?


1.Check what you shall do with the   supplier

2.Do it as your schedule


1.Check the factory floor space needed

2.Get it (renting, purchasing, building…)  

3.Check what you shall do with the   supplier

4.Do it as your schedule


5.       Confirm the plastic material supplier

Contact plastic suppliers and choosing the best companies for all sides to cooperate. It is important to ensure the stable suppliers and the safety store. And note that a low bid won't do any good if the supplier could not meet the requirement for the volume or the quality.


Usually, when it comes to step 4 or 5, the equipment purchasing and being manufactured is ongoing at the same time.


6.       Confirm the product (made by supplier)

It would be smooth if do well in step 1 and 3, because the product must be well recognized in advance, as the saying goes: 5 minutes in front of computer equal 5 weeks in workshop.

Now regardless of the previous work, at this time, ensure the product is what you want, then you can plan for the factory running and marketing.


7.       Confirm the factory running

It is an ending but also a start.

After all equipment installed well in your factory, make them work well: installment, testing, production, maintenance in daily working. And be ready for any problems would your suppliers, which would require the complete and prompt support from your suppliers.



There are much notes should be for every step, we could not show all of them here at once, but there would be related articles sharing for further discussing. Hope this article could help you make it clear on starting a factory for making plastic products.


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Industry | Packaging

Technology | IML (In mould labeling)

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Material | PP

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