The Role of Screw in Injection Molding Machine


The screw and barrel are the important parts of injection molding machine.  

The screw rotates in the heating barrel, melting and mixing up the solid plastic particle(or powder), then squeezing the plastic into the cavity at the front of the barrel.After that, the screw moves forward along the shaft to inject the molten plastic into the mold cavity.During the plasticizing process,the plastic is compacted in the slot under the push of the screw arris and absorbing the heating of the barrel and the heating generated by friction,after that the temperature rises gradually to the melting temperature. The melted plastic is stirred by the screw, which moves along the groove into the front of the barrel and pushes the screw back.


The screw takes an important role in injection machine.It's function is conveying, compacting, melting, stirring and pressing the plastic.All the steps are completed by rotating the screw in the barrel.There is a series of friction between the screw, the plastic and the barrel when the screw is rotating.The forward recommendation of plastics is the result of the combination of exercises, and the heat generated by friction will be used to raising the temperature and melting the plastic.The structure of screw will directly affect these effects.


Dakumar adopts the  multi - stage heating.Making the plastic evenly heated in the barrel, letting the plastic plasticized evenly in barrel.Multi-stage heating can ensure the relative independence of heating in each temperature region,providing the convenience for later use.Meanwhile,we use twin screw arris in order to increase the contact area of plastic.Only plastic plasticizing uniform, will not affect the subsequent product quality. Furthermore,in order to meet the needs of different plastic products, we have bimetallic screw, chrome plated screw and so on.

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