What's High Speed Injection Molding Machine?

  • 2019-07-09
    High Speed Injection Molding Machine for Thin-wall Container Molding

    What's the High Speed Injection Molding Machine? Well, before learning it, we must know that why high speed injection machine is created. Then we can find that all the highlights of high speed injection molding machine make it different, but keep one principle: make the plastic molding more efficient.


    Why Is High Speed Injection Molding Machine Created?


    There are increasing plastic molders looking for efficient production solutions because of the increasing competition. Especial for the plastic parts with less weight or higher precision, and these parts usually require quick speed injection, higher clamping and precision molding, so the special machines shall be designed for them to make the best production capacity. Now, this special machine is usually called high speed injection molding machine, provide high speed, quick response and highly energy saving for less-weight or precision parts molding.


    The Highlights of High Speed Injection Molding Machine


    - MORE FAST: High Speed And Stable

    The faster production it is, the more production cost could be reduced. It’s the key principle for the high speed injection molding machine to achieve the quickest cycle time for the stable production.

    So for high speed injection machines, they shall be designed with quick response speed hydraulic system and sensitive control system to make machine produce parts at the shortest time and much stable and production cycle time quite short.


    - HIGH PRECISION: Part Weight and Dimension are Controlled Well

    The less weight usually means the less thickness, which requires faster injection, otherwise, the parts molding would be much difficult and the quality would be bad. So there must be something designed for increasing the injection speed and well controlling shot weight. One of them is the single cylinder injection unit and sensitive control system.


    - MORE CLEANER: Environmental Protection


    Except what mentioned above, one more is keeping the parts cleaner and environmental protection. So the high speed injection machine would combine the servo motor system with hydraulic system or electrical system well for optimal design, which could save much energy and make the production cleaner.




    So finally, you could find that by this high speed injection molding machine, plastic molders could get the faster production for their parts with less weight and more precision.


    If you are exactly looking for the higher efficient production solution for your items injection molding, contact us now for details.