DKM-600HH High Speed Injection Moulding Machine

  • 2019-09-13
    DKM-600HH High Speed Injection Moulding Machine

    DKM high-speed injection moulding machine is designed for high quality and efficiency of plastics production. Faster, more precise molding, lower energy consumption and comprehensive safety, that makes the DKM high speed injection moulding machine popular among our customers. Here list the DKM-600HH injection machine for an example to help you learning more about our superior high speed injection machine.


    Highlights of DKM-600HH

    The DKM600HH is designed for maximum output at the stable high-speed injection molding.


    Shorter Cycle Time thanks to high injection speed, quick response, three parallel movements

    Precise Controlling such as the advance controller from Europe, precision servo-valve

    Lower Energy Consumption as the high-response servo system, saving around 30% - 70%

    Stable Running like less machine jitter and noise

    Comprehensive Safety from mechanical, hydraulic, electrical unit


    High Production Capacity Case – Video (out of the DKM YouTube Channel)


    It’s a video showing that DKM 600HH high speed injection machine for Plastic Paint Pail Injection Molding - produces one 20L plastic paint bucket with In Mold Labeling (IML) in a cycle time of 15 seconds! 


    Production capacity: 74880 PCS/Month (as the working time: 12hours*26days)


    DKM-600HH Specification

      Screw ModelABC

    Screw DiametermmΦ60Φ65Φ72
    Screw L/D Ratio(L/D)242424

    Shot Volume


    cm3890 1045 1282 
    Injection Weightg794 932 1144 
    Injection Pressure Mpa234 200 163 
    Injection Speedmm/s300
    Injection Ratcm3/sec848 995 1221 
     Plasticizing Rateg/s33.738.246.4
    Screw Speedrpm0-200
    Clamp TonnageKN6000
    Toggle Strokemm900

    Distance Between 

    Tie Bars

    Max. Mold Heightmm1000
    Min.Mold Heightmm300
    Min.Mold Sizemm590*590
    Ejector Strokemm240
    Ejector TonnageKN210
    Ejector Numbern21
    Max. Pump PressureMpa16
    Pump Motor PowerKW140/110
    Heater PowerKW55.3

    Machine Dimension


    Machine Weight25.5
    Oil Tank CapacityL1000

    DKM-600HH Promotion (valid in September and October, 2019)

    20% down payment, you can enjoy 10% discount on the original price;

    100% payment, you can enjoy 15% discount on the original price.

    20% advance payment and total order amount exceed FOB USD300,000. You can get our coupon USD15000 which could be used to offset the purchase price based on the bottom price of future machines and moulds orders.



    1. Machines ordered this 2 months can be shipped within one week.

    2. If you introduce your friend to place an order, you can get a 5% coupon for the order amount.

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