DKM Two Platen Injection Molding Machine

  • 2020-06-17
    DKM600-4000T Two Platen Injection Molding Machine

    DKM TP series two platen injection machine is developed by our technical team from Europe. The machine is designed for large size parts like industrial dust-

    bins, auto parts, logistic container and large pallets. Two platen machine has the advantage of bigger mould opening stroke capacity and space for robot,30% less floor space. DKM Two platen machines were designed with higher molding speed and more precision injection.


    Here are the advantages of the TP machine :


    Enhanced strength and rigidity of mechanical parts, with the help of finite element analysis.

    H type clamping plate for high precision.

    Double sliding structure for moving and fixed plate to make the parallelism even for large size mould.

    Moving plate guide by machine bottom and slide to eliminate any titing torque and increase mould bearing capacity



    Inversion type ejection system,the ejection stroke could be set up as per particular production requirement.



    Fully closed hydraulic system for less leakage was adopted for less leakage and better pressure holding.

    Operation with locknut for rapid and accurate reaction.

    Four hydraulic cylinders installed on moving platen to create clamping force fast with balanced pressure.

    Pressure sensor used to monitor the clamping force.



    European brand servo system for low energy consumption

    European CE standard for safe operation



    More than 50% opening stroke, mould thickness capacity etc.

    The operation, installation and production are full of humanization.


    High Reliability

    Tie bars are fixed to the stationary plate for convenient installation for large size mold.

    Tie bar nut and clamping piston are suspension structure to fully protect tie bar in band-type. Brake unit,this greatly increase machine life with high reliability and good performance .

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