DKM Fast Delivery Injection Molding Machines


DKM Machinery is various injection molding machines manufacturer, located in China, Zhejiang Province, Taizhou City, Huangyan District, which is known as “Mould Town". DKM manufactures injection molding machines that are closely related to plastic moulds, provides thousands of injection molding machines to customers from all over the world. Meanwhile, DKM set up more than 10 agents in different countries. For example: Mexico, Sudan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Nepal…

DKM also looks for agents in other countries, to expand the market.

DKM can provide not only injection molding machines, but also fast delivery injection molding machines. Facing a large number of injection molding machine orders, DKM can also delivery injection molding machines to customers in the fastest time. Help customers realize production at the earliest time to benefit.

Except fast delivery, DKM also keeps good quality in injection molding machines.

DKM-SV series injection molding machines has 80T to 4000T, adopt high performance servo dynamic control system, oil pump as the power source, having the characteristics of high speed response, energy saving, low noise, high control precision. Realizing the perfect connection of electrical servo and hydraulic drive system. SV machines are suitable for most part of products such as plastic chairs, plastic pallets, plastic chairs and tables, home appliances, automotive parts etc.

DKM-HH series are high speed injection molding machines 200HH to 1300HH, which use accumulator to realize high speed injection. Besides, it adopts 3 axis linkage to realize material charging, mould opening and ejection at the same time, shorten the cycle time to the greatly. HH series machines are suitable for thin wall products, high precision products production.

By the way, DKM provides PET special injection molding machines for PET prefrom production, and PVC special injection molding machines for PVC pipe fitting and other PVC parts production.

If you want to get your own injection molding machines with fast delivery injection molding machine, DKM is your best choice!

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