Fast Delivery Machines - Ship Within 7 Days

DAKUMAR offers fast delivery hot sale injection machines to support your starting new production immediately. Kindly check the below list of ready machine, contact us now for the best price of your interested machine.

  • New, quality & available for instant delivery
  • Payment Term
  • Servo Motor Injection Machine
  • Two Platen Injection Machine
  • High Speed Injection Machine
  • Fastest Delivery

    There are DKM new machines with various tonnages that could be shipped within 7 days, reducing your time cost much for new investment. And due to extensive plastic molding experience, after machine finishing installing in your factory, our engineers could help your new lines running stably and efficiently to achieve the scheduled production plan.


    Hot Sale

    The DKM machines manufactured in advance for fastest delivery are based on our market research, that’s why all of them are the popular model for most plastic products. So if you are exactly looking for machines as expending the production, please check our list of ready machines, and please note that it would be updated monthly, you could learn the latest quantity by checking it on time.


    Outstanding Quality

    Offers a wider range of plastic injection molding machines - Clamping force: 500KN - 40000KN, Types: high speed, two platen, extra-large, PET, PVC - with features: outstanding quality, stable, and efficient.


    Timely & Comprehensive Service

    Guarantee that DKM machines help your production line runs reliably and efficiently:

    Engineers will arrive at your factory for installing, adjusting optimal parameter and training

    24-hour on line for you

    A bunch of service centers on the world

    Scheduled maintenance

    And provide complete solution which contains factory building, electric/water layout, crane selection, suitable and good quality equipment suggestion


    Contact us now for the latest price of DKM machines ready for delivery!