PVC Injection Molding Machine (110Ton - 650Ton)

Flexible, safety and reliable: our PVC injection moulding machine is your perfect modular equipment for making a wide range of PVC pipe fittings. With its special design, you could only invest in the clamping force you actually require.

  • PVC Injection Moulding Machine detail
  • PVC Injection Moulding Machine detail-1
  • Perfectly designed systems - use PVC screw barrel, PVC high efficiency cooling fan and multi-core pull for PVC complex action requirement.

    PVC controller unit - adopted PVC core pull action connection signal set and PVC material temperature setting reserve program.

    Individual solutions - PVC enlarged machine frame optional & PVC power and granule optional.

    Clamping force - from 1100 KN to 6500 KN

    Ready European standard connector for robot. 

    Suitable for PVC products: PVC pipe fittings...

    We can offer customized PVC injection machine according to your special requirements.