DKM HIgh Speed Molding Machine

  • 2020-04-21
    DKM High Speed Molding Machine

    Dakumar High Speed  https://www.dakumar.com/ Machinery is designed with accumulator to realize high speed injection .Besides , it has the function of 3 axis linkage to realize material charging ,mould opening and ejection at the same time .


    Here are the advantages of the high speed molding machine :


    (1) Maximum output for a low investment - high injection speed & high-response servo-hydraulic system for parallel operation of mould open & eject & plastic charging. So you can get a quicker payback by the faster cycle time with a fancy purchase price.

    (2) high productive efficiency - faster cycle time thanks to high injection speed and precision by accumulator and single carriage hydraulic.

    (3) Low defective rate - precise quality and response faster by professional single cylinder injection system with servo-valve.

    (4) long service life - constant improving the machinery design and lubrication system for the high-speed work. 

    (5) flexible range of applications - Multi-select high speed injection moulding machines for standard and high-end applications

    (6) Ready European standard connector for robot. -Suitable for packaging industry: thin wall containers (normal & IML), pails, buckets, caps, teletronics...

    If you are interested , pls contact us :Plastic injection moulding machine manufacturer .