DKM Injection Moulding Machine Quick Delivery Program

  • 2019-06-27
    DKM Machine - Quick Delivery Program

    Sino Holdings Group, engaged in making plastic molding more valuable, has been improving DKM injection moulding machine Quick Delivery Program to provide rapid solution for plastic molders. This could be quicker for arranging shipping injection machines within 0ne week! As CEO Mr. Li always says, “Time is the biggest cost. There must be better solution for shortening the delivery for DKM injection machine.”


    The Quick Delivery Program update for popular DKM injection moulding machines has really helped the customers much for expanding production on time. As the continual development of DKM machines, there are excellent injection machines ready for delivery meeting production requirement for most of plastic parts. And it would also support standard sets of wide-use options with very little impact to delivery time.


    Regarding the DKM machines offered in Quick Delivery Program, kindly check here:




    Tonnages from 2000 kN to 4000 kN

    Tie Bar Spacing from 560 x 560 mm to 760 x 760 mm

    With over 20 years of continuous development, the DKM high speed injection moulding machine is the best machine of choice for energy efficiency, high production, high precision and long-term reliability.


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    Tonnages from 3500 kN to 8500 kN

    Tie Bar Spacing from 660 x 660 mm to 1040 x 1040 mm

    DKM-SV injection machine helps to achieve more output with less energy consumption, which still keeps high-performance injection molding for efficient production of good parts.


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    Besides, SINO offers other models of DKM injection machines to help customers that they could find the best machines with the quickest delivery: DKM-PET, DKM-PVC, DKM-EH, etc. Here you would find them: Fast Delivery Machines.

    Once you’d like to confirm the suitable machine for your project and its delivery time, leave your message or mail us today. Then one of DKM experts would contact you ASAP.