Fast Delivery Injection Moulding Machines

  • 2019-09-18
    Fast Delivery Injection Moulding Machines

    Zhejiang Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the members of Sino Holdings Group, professional in R&D, manufacturing the injection machines, such like servo motor machine, high speed machine, etc. We have many ready injection machines from 80 Ton to 4000 Ton, thus, we can offer fast delivery injection machine.


    All of our machines are servo motor machine, we use high-performance servo dynamic control system, as the power source the oil pump, have the characterisitics high speed response, energy saving, low noise, high-control precision, and a breakthrough in the perfect connection of the electrical servo and hydraulic drive system.


    Dakumar Servo Motor machine can suit for crate, industrial containers and pallets, chairs and tables, home appliances, automotive parts, etc.

    Dakumar High Speed machine is suitable for thin wall container and short cycle time product.

    DKM PET injection machine is specialized for PET preform.

    DKM PVC injection machine is specialized for PVC product, such like PVC pipe fitting.


    If you want to purchase high effiency injection machines in urgently, warmly welcome your inquiry to us. Dakumar can ship the machines in very short time (in a week). Time is gold, the earlier you get Dakumar machines, the more money you can earn.