DKM Paint Pail Production Line Turnkey Solution


Do you have interests in plastic paint pail moulding line? In order to help customers start a new business, DKM is committed to building a turnkey solution of paint pail production line for customers all over the world. Let me make an introduction for you to have a better understanding of this potential project.

Paint pail, we also call it bucket, is widely used as a container in chemical industry. The volume varies from 1L,2L,5L,10L to 20L and the shape can be designed to square, round, oval and so on. DKM has a strong design and R&D department to offer customers best support. We help customer produce paint pail according to their preference. No matter you have experience or not, DKM will assist you to find a best solution.

About production advantage, DKM has more than twenty years' paint pail production line manufacturing experience. Through our effort, we made a huge success. The cycle time can be reduced to 15s now, which is far below the peer level. Customers can achieve higher production capacity within the same time. With the help of IML system, labor cost can also be saved.

Plastic paint moulding line has a huge market and it will be a good choice for you. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us for more information! 

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