Plastic Thin Wall Container Production line


Sino Group has a strong R&D team and rich management experience, and is a professional manufacturer of plastic thin wall container. The company has experienced mold designers and advanced processing equipments. What's more, we can provide plastic thin wall container production lines, including thin wall container mould, high speed injection molding machine, robot and other necessaries.


Sino Group can tailor a variety of high-performance plastic thin wall container production lines according to customer’s requirements. Because of the thickness of thin wall products is only 0.4-1mm, We recommend using our high speed injection molding machine. And the injection speed of the high speed machine reaches 350-450mm/s, the mould needs to withstand a lot of pressure, the steel must be hardened steel, like S136, H13 and so on.


Regarding the mould design, we adopt valve gate to short cycle time and make it more beautiful. Our design engineers will make moldflow analysis to make sure injection gate and position is in best situation and optimize mould cooling based on the products. As the square thin wall container mould, we added 0.5-1mm anti-deformation to make it more beautiful.


If you want to develop disposable thin wall container project, we warmly welcome your down visit and would like to help you solve problems.

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