Start Your Plastic Pail Project By DKM


During our twenty years of business, DKM has contributed a significant amount of experience and expertise within the plastic injection moulding industry, and we provide our customer with a skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated team for paint pail production line.

The whole production line of paint pail, which contains injection molding machine, paint pail mould and auxiliary machines, such as the air dryer, autoloader, chiller, cooling tower, air compressor, crusher, color mixer and so on. DKM focuses on offering our customers a turnkey solution with the latest technology.

When it comes to paint pail production line, IML must be mentioned. IML is a kind of technology which puts the film into the mould. IML can realize automatic production. It will help customers save both time and labor cost. When the injection molding finish, the film and the product are integrated. 


If you are new in this field, we will help you start your business. Our professional team will offer you factory layout, including the machine position discharge, water and electric layout and so on. In addition, we will also do training for workers ensure the continuous production. We can custom production line for you according to your required production capacity. Whether you are new or not, DKM is your best choice. Come and contact us!

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