How to Choose PVC Fitting Machine

  • 2019-04-22
    How to Choose PVC Fitting Machine

    How to Choose PVC Fitting Machine?

    To start new line of PVC fitting connector molding line, main equipment are molds and injection molding machine. The molds can be design according to PVC connector samples and production quantity. While, many customers will feel confused how to choose PVC fitting molding machine?


    Now let’s we discussion what main points is for choose suitable injection molding machine for PVC fitting connector production line?  Firstly, as we know, PVC plastic is corrosive material which will dust normal machine. So Dakumar Machinery applied special plasticizing screw design, hopper and nozzle which has strong corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, adding strict control system on PVC molding machine, with fan on injection screw barrel and hopper top.  This keep this PVC at suitable temperature range during mass production.

    3rd point, Dakumar PVC machine has extra 200mm each side for PVC machine door distance. Because PVC molds will apply hydraulic cylinder for mold action.

    There are also other customize parts, like enlarge the chromed nozzle size, application of oil cooling with water cooling and so on.



    If you interend to start new business on plastic molding line, not only for PVC molding , but also PET preform molding or two colors molding, welcome your contact with Dakumar team for further disucssion and project solution.