Fast Delivery Injection Molding Machine


DKM Machinery was located in West of Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, which is a place called "Town of Mould".

DKM specialized in the production and supply of injection molding systems fast delivery (injection molding machines, injection molds), integrating software and hardware design, research and development and production.

DKM injection molding machine has a research and development team, more than 160 industry senior engineers. In addition, the company has set up three R&D centers, including two in mainland China and one in Munich, Germany.

The projects developed by our company have been successful in 43 different new projects and have been put into production smoothly.

In view of high-quality products and perfect service system, DKM has successfully established a global sales network in order to provide customers with faster and more complete services.

DKM will not only build advanced hardware and software facilities, but also fully implement the core mission of "Let injection molding activities create", strive to become an industry leader, realize self-value, create more value for customers and society, and achieve a win-win situation.

And the followings are DKM injection molding machine features:

Plasticizing unit features, plasticizing unit synchronous injection and plasticization of multiple servo-pumps, synchronization of die ejection, high-speed injection control of accumulator, high precision horizontal bar shooting shift structure Features of the clamping unit, enhanced lock template, thickened alloy pull rod, design of reinforced hinge structure The control unit High precision and high response KEBA computer system color display (touch optional). Injection control of high precision servo valve. International famous brand electrical parts, stable and easy to maintain.

If you have any requirements for injection molding machines, welcome to contact DKM, DKM is your best choice and will provides you fast delivery of machines to help you start injection busimess at the earliest time~

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