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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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Date:2017-12-03 14:52:47

Dual-color products are become more and more popular in the market, we can see it everywhere in our lives,such as double color cups, two-color stool, two-color bowls, two-color helmets,two-color toothbrush, two color caps, etc.

As world famous plastic injection molding line supplier, SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is committed to providing you with the best and most professional turnkey solution service. Our two brand company--SINO Mould and Dakumar Machinery, which could offer you high quality dual-color molds, suitable two color injection molding machine, and other necessary auxiliary machines, such as auto loader, dryer, chiller, etc.

For bi-color parts molding project, you should pay more attention to the following points:

1.Processing accuracy control

2.Hot runner system control

3.Mold cavity number and steel choosing

4.Mold fitting accuracy control

5.Mold cooling line design

6.Suitable injection molding machine

For two color molding projects, the initial investment will be relatively large. At this time, it is very important to develop a reasonable plan to start this project.

Sino has rich experience in turnkey solution supplying, our team will considering all, and analysis, such as mould structure, machine type, etc. Finally, choose the most suitable solution for you.

Any needs for two color parts molding projects, welcome send your inquiry to us!

Bi-Color Parts Injection Molding Solution Supplier


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Date:2017-11-30 22:38:55
Sino Mould company is a leading paintbucket mould maker in China, we make tens sets of paintbucket moulds annually with fine molding solution service. Our bucketmould size range from 1L to 35L, such as 1L, 2L, 3L, 1gallon, 5L, 6L, 8L, 10L,12L, 15L, 16L, 18L, 20L, 25L and so on. We could make the paint bucket mouldwith multi-cavity solution.

For the painting bucket mould, we use P20, 718H, H13 with Cu-Be inserts forbetter cooling. We could design the mould demolding by mechnical ejectionsystem, which is suitable for automatic falling or collect by robot. Usuallythe customer required in mold labeling for the bucket and lid, we could makethe product design change in order to satisfy this requirement, we could makecertain fixing design for heat transfer printing in the bottom of the bucket,so it is OK for both IML molding or after printing.

There have different ways to test the paint bucket sample according todifferent requirement:
1. stacking: bucket by bucket space saving; whole set by whole set balance andstrength inspection.
2. drop testing: when the lid closed with the bucket, we drop the bucket fromthe height 1m(-1.5m), the lid could not be divided from bucket and caused waterleakage.
3. shaking testing: use certain device to test the bucket and lid seal quality.
4. concentricity: Inspect the wall thickness of the bucket.
5. Weight according to tolerance requirement.

As a group company, we could supply whole paint bucket molding service,include paint bucket mould, injection molding machine, necessary additionalmachines and technology support. Welcome to contact us for more information.Thanks.

Date:2017-11-30 21:51:28

In the daily life, plastic crate is widelyused and more and more customers begin to invest this project.  Making cratemould, Sino Mould have accumulated rich experience.

We have made bottle crate mould, fruit &vegetable crate mould, milk crate mould, bread &fish crate mould, industrial crate mould and so on.

Core &Cavity Steel P20, 718H, 2738H,H13, NAK80, 2316 etc.

Steel hardness:      HRC35-38

Plastic material      PP, PE etc.

Cavity Number       1, 2, 4

Injection System    Side Gate, hot gate

Ejector System       Ejector Pin

Cycle Time              30-60S

Tooling lead time   3~15 days for mould design, 45~60 days formould production                                                     afterdown payment and mould design confirmed

Mould life                500,000 Shots

Quality assurance  ISO9001

Good Supplier in Crate

SINO Mould is a professional mould manufacture. We can make all kinds of plastic moulds as client’s  requirementand offer plastic crate mould. The quotation can be provided on clients’drawing or samples.  Our mould is with the best quality, best service andattractive price. If you interested in this plastic  crate mould, pls come to usor further information. I hope we can establish cooperation relationship in  thefuture.

If you are looking for the crate project,welcome to contact us.

Posted by Amanda

Cell Phone:0086 13867653757

Date:2017-11-30 20:51:44

cap mold turnkey system

Dakumar company , high mentality cap mold turnkey system supplier,specialized in offering customer with high quality multi-cavities cap mold,closure mold, fip top mold and so on.

We choose top quality metal material for mold, design with top mentality for molding and cooling system, work for profitable cycle time and respect your expensive time. In past 2016,,SINO offered international market with 500-800 sets packing mold.50-60 designer will offer a perfect cap mold design and suggestion for your project.

We also have brother company specialized in varies plastic injection molding machine. Usually, servo injection molding machine is best choice for cap mold turnkey system production. With KEBA controller and PHASE servo driver, our machine sales well all over the world. We also have several agent in some area, such as Greece,Jordan, South Africa and so on. Agent in some area is still needed.

In 2017, we also employ a Italy engineer with Italy technology for studying two-plate plasticinjection molding machine.

If you have anyinterest in our cap mold turnkey production line or interested in being ouragent, welcome to our factory to discuss with us. Also glad to receive your mail about plastic injection molding solutions.

Date:2017-11-30 15:42:56

Dakumar Machinery is specialized in manufacturing high quality injection molding machines, we have different types of injection molding machine to suit with different material, and different models from 50Ton up to 4000Ton, which can make different sizes of injection products. For PET products, such as PET preform and PET tube etc, they can be running on our PET injection molding machine. Our PET injection molding machine has PET special screw and barrel, with good melting for PET material. We have many models 180Ton,250Ton...650Ton PET injection molding machine. 450Ton PET injection molding machine can make all sizes PET preforms, 1 cavities 5 gallon preform mould etc. The cycle time is around 90 seconds. 650Ton PET injection molding machine can make 2 cavities 5 gallon preform mould.

We use high quality and world famous components for PET injection molding machine. Controller use KEBA from Austria, Electronic Ruler is NOVO from Germany or GEFRAN from Italy, Oil Pump use ECKERLE from Germany etc. And the machine with servo motor system can save 30%-80% power compared with standard machine.

Any interests of PET injection molding machine or PET preform production line, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Posted by Erin


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Date:2017-11-30 11:02:56

Dakumar is one of the members of SinoHoldings Group ,is specialized in R&D manufacture , sales and service ofplastic injection machine with concept of 5H ,focus on being world leadingsupplier of injection molding equipment , technology and solutions.

Dakumar canprovide you the servo energy saving injection machine from 50T to 4000T withthe servo motor and servo driver.

Professional Servo Energy Saving Injection Machine Supplier

Advantages are as follows:

High effect energy saving

Under the same working condition, theenergy saving ratio of 20%-80% is achieved compared with the traditionalhydraulic injection molding machine.

High forming stability

Servo drive system, closed loop control,compared with the traditional hydraulic injection molding machine, the formingrepeatability is greatly improved

Ultrasensitive response

The sensitive servo drive system respondsquickly and the start-up time is only 0.05s

Super performance environmental protection

The whole machine runs with low noise

Super reliable holding performance

Compared with the traditional hydraulicinjection molding machine, the holding time is wider and the performance ofholding pressure is more stable

Super constant oil temperature

Servo motor proportional output hydraulicoil, to avoid excess heat generation, slow heating, hydraulic oil and evenwithout cooling, to achieve substantial water conservation

High efficient

The design of thin type motor small inertiaservo using Dakumar electro-hydraulic system with high speed DSP the mostadvanced computing devices, field oriented vector control strategy to realize.The system has a fast response speed, the maximum speed of the servo motorreaches 2500 revolutions per minute, and the time from zero speed to maximumspeed is only 36 milliseconds. The action of the injection molding machine,such as the opening and closing die, the movement of the platform, the advanceand retreat of the ejector, are obviously accelerated. The molding cycle of theinjection molding machine is shortened and the production efficiency isimproved.

High Precise

The accuracy of 4096 pulse / high precisionrotary transformer rotating as the motor speed (flow) feedback components andhigh precision pressure sensor as the pressure feedback component, and doubleclosed-loop control of pressure and flow, using high-speed DSP to achieve a varietyof control algorithm, the average error of pressure can reach 0.5bar, the errorof speed control is 0.1%, lag the ring is zero, therefore, the quality of theproducts of high repeat accuracy, to meet the needs of the production of highprecision products.

If you are searching for high quality , good price injectionmachine.

Please feel free to contact me .




Date:2017-11-29 23:42:24

We are specialized in design and manufacture various types of PVC, PPR, PP, PE fitting system moulds.   Actually,Sino could provide the production line for the pipe fitting which will including the plastic  mold , injection molding machine, and other auxiliary machines.

For the mould,Sino has strong design capacity for irregular shape fitting moulds,including min.  Collapasible coresystem, curving sliding system, automatic unscrewing system driven by motor, multi-direction branch fitting connector moulds. Also, SINO choose the most suitable high quality material to  build the moulds. With high precision tooling equipments and special steel material treatment, strict  dimension control and top mentality mould progress control system.

Famous Pipe Fitting Supplier

Injection molding machine-DKM PVC Machine

Specialized PVC plasticization components,hard chrome plated screw, nozzle with enlarged nozzle hole, and nozzle flange are adopted to ensure quality of PVC production and extend the life of themechanical parts.  All PVC machine components are highly anticorrosive to suitfor PVC material.

More details, please feel free to contactme. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Ms.Amanda

Cell Phone/Whatsapp: 0086 13867653757


Date:2017-11-29 21:59:43

SINO HOLDINGS GROUPE are aimed atoffering IML bucket production line. IML container , either plant with plasticexperience or new plant start from Zero.

SINO HOLDINGS GROUPE are aimed at offering IML bucket production line. IML container , either plant with plastic experience or new plant start from Zero.We are making bucket mould ,bucket machine and all nesscessary auxiliary machineries . we have rich experience in offer IML bucket molding lines.

Why now the IML bucket and container ismore and more popular in the market and in many factories? There are manyadvantages .

1. New and beautiful appearance.

As the in-mold labels and plastic parts naturally blend together, with the deformation of the blow bucket deformation, so there will be no bubble, wrinkles and so on.

2.Peace, environmental protection.

Ordinary labels are to be labeled after the container is molded, and the in-mold labels and containers are finished once, thus preventing contamination of the bottle by the labeling process. Moreover, the in-mold label and the bottle body are completely integrated chemical composition of the same, can be recovered together, and the recycling rate is high.

4. Easy to fall off and damage

The In-mold label with waterproof, anti-oil, mildew, Naisuan Jian, friction and other properties, the special state is not easy to damage.

5.The side walls are reinforced.

The label is embedded in the side wall of the plastic container so that the extrusion resistance of the container side wall is increased by 20% so that the label does not undergo separation when the container is warped and squeezed.

6.High efficiency and high efficiency.

We are professional in making the in mold label container and IML bucket .including in mold label injection mould. injection molding machine and in mold label robot system .we have delviery more than 702 turnkey production line .

Welcome to contact us for more information.


Date:2017-11-29 18:56:20

Dakumar is experienced in various kinds of injection machine making. From different kinds of 50T-4000T, we offer customer various kinds of machinelike : PET injection machine , Pvc injection machine ,Double-color injectionmachine ,Servo energy saving injection machine , High speed injection machine .Especially in PVC injection machine. Wr are the professional PVC injectionmachine manufacturer more than 10 years .

It is widely used in the production line of PVC pipe fittings. Accordingto the special requirements of products and molds, have to custom machine doorpanels. Due to the characteristics of PVC plastics, all mechanical componentson the machine will be chrome plated. The machine uses a special screw barreldesign, and precise temperature control system.

Famous Pvc Injection Machine Maker

In order to meet the demand for PVC products, Dakumar research anddesign of the PVC special machine is specialized for PVC products. For example,the application of chrome nozzle, increase the nozzle application to ensure theflow of plastic, increasing the application of hydraulic motors to meet the PVCplastic.

 Therefore,Dakumar achieved great success in the production of pipe fitting mould.Accurate control of the mold slider core device, precision external surfacetreatment, with the thimble mark and gate mark. The minimum size of the pipediameter can reach 32mm, under the strength and durability of the mold tomaintain, we will try our best to make the design for the mold and machine sizesmall, do more consideration for our customers.

 Ifyou are looking for a good pvc injection machine maker, please feelfree to contact us, can offer you good quality and high guaranteed life timewith the best price.



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Date:2017-11-29 18:43:49

Airline cup or PS cup is getting more and more popular in the market. DAKUMAR is specialized at offering turnkey solution for airline cup production line including airline cup moulds, Dakumar injection machine and accessory.

For making airline cup,the main equipment is moulds and machine. WE have rich experience in making airline cup for 2cavity, 4cavity; 6cavity… different cavity number is for different output requirement. For example, with 6cavity, the output per hour is likearound 2700pcs/hour.For different cavity of air line or ps cup moulds, the machine size will be different. For example,

For 2 cavity PScup mould, DKM180T machine is suggested.

For 4cavity PS cupmoulds, DKM250T machine is suggested.

For 6cavity cupmoulds, DKM350T machine is suggested.

And if you need high speed efficient production, we also have high speed injection machine line 200T or 300T available. With normal injection machine, the cycle time is around 8-10s and with high speed machine, the cycle time is around 6s-8s,which means higher productivity.

PS airline cup production line

For people who start a new project to make PS cup or airline cup, they may be concerned about how to run these equipment since they are new to this project. With the help of Dakumar, you don’t need to worry about this. Dakumar have many engineers experienced. We will send one engineer to your factory to help install machine and start the machines. And if necessary, we could also give training service to your people. So you could operate the machine after our engineer is back.

Dakumar have already supplied the moulds and machine to over 50 countries and helped over 100 customers to start the airline cup production line. If you need more details, welcome to contact us!  whatsapp/wechat 86 1558685625

air line cup mould samples

Date:2017-11-29 17:31:09

We are Chinese famous plastic clothes hanger mold and molding machine manufacturer. We can offer the best solutionfrom clothes hanger product design to smoothly production. We offer all necessary equipment based on customers’ production capacity, like clothes hanger mold, injection molding machine, auto loader, air dryer. chiller and soon.

For plastic clothes hanger project, if the production capacity is not large, people like to make 2 cavity only, since oneday can get at least 8000 pcs. And the suitable machine tonnage for 2 cavity hanger mold is DKM250SV machine. If customer requires large quantity, we will suggest tomake 2+2 or 4+4 cavity stacking hanger mold, such mold can realize high production efficiency, and the mold size also not very big, just DKM350SV machineis big enough.

After all the equipment are ready, we will set up the whole production line in our factory, will run production for two days to check the whole line can run smoothly. Customer can come to check atthat time, we can offer accommodation and food by free. And we will also arrange our engineer to fly to customer’s factory to help training their workers and commission the machines.

So if you want to develop clothes hangerproject, pls kindly contact me, we will offer the best clothes hanger molding service for you.

Plastic Clothes Hanger Molding Service

Post by Miss Mandy



Date:2017-11-28 21:28:12

Dakumar, specialized at offering turnkey solution for plastic production line,  is experienced  with all kind of PET preform production line, such as water preform moulds and machine, CSD preform production line,PET Jar preform production line

PET jar preform production line

Unlike normal preform of water bottle preform or oil bottle preform, PET Jar preform usually have big neck such as 110mm or 100mm, which means that it cannot make many cavity like normal preform. For normal preform, the maximum is 144cavity. But for PET jar preform, usually maximum is like around 8cavity or 12cavity or 16cavity depending on the PET jar preformsize.

Taking 110mm preform mould for example.

For 2cavity mould, DKM180T injection machine is required.( but the injection machine should have enlarged mould thickness).

For 4cavity mould, DKM250T injection machine is suggested.

For 6cavity mould, DKM350T injection machine is suggested.

For 8cavity mould, DKM450T PET injection machine is suggested.

The cycle time is around 25s, will be different according to different preform weight.

For PET Jar preform moulds, we usually adopt shut off valve gate system for the hot runner system, which is controlled by pneumatic device. With this kind of gate, there will be no tail on the preform to avoid cutting the preform moulds manually.

For one PET jar preform mould, DAKUMAR could offer PET Jar preform mould, PET injection machine, auxiliary equipment like loader, dryer, and chiller...And we also supply blowing mould and machine to make PET jar preform to bottle. Apart all from these, SINO could help the customer to start from zero. We could give your suggestion on factory orware house layout, crate trial design.. and when you receive the equipment, we could also send engineer to help you for machine installation and commissioning. And to help you run the PET jar preform production line smoothly in future, our engineer will also give some basic training of your engineer to make surethey will capable of operating the machine.

For more details about PET Jar preform production line, welcome to contact us!

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