DAKUMAR is a world famous plastic injection molding machine manufacturer and an innovator in China, offering qualified plastic injection machines, providing plastic molding technologies as well as turnkey molding solutions.


DAKUMAR was established on 2007 year, we keened on 5H molding mentality of High Speed, High precision, High Energy Saving, High safety and High cycle stability during machines design and manufacturing.

Sino Holdings Group, specialized in R & D,manufacture, sales and service of plastic injection machine with concept of 5H with the Brand DAKUMAR, focus on being world leading supplier of injection moiding equipment, technology and solutions.
DAKUMAR Technology Officer, professional in data analysis and structural optimization. With the help of the finite element and dynamic emulation technique, DAKUMAR is able to apply European high tech on injection machine structure, running control on both toggle servo Injection machine and European standard two platen machine, which brings DAKUMAR machine stable performance, long life. And help DAKUMAR stand out among Chinese injection machine brands.
DAKUMAR has advanced precise tooling equipment and inspection equipment from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy... with strict QC system to make sure the tooling precision and part quality.
As a world brand, DAKUMAR has already established distributor office and service center in over 30 countries, With simulation production before delivery, offering high quality machinery for turnkey projects. Till now DAKUMAR has provided high standard precise injection molding line, government project for over 1600 companies in over 100 countries. Our machinery is widely used in different fields like food packaging, automotive parts,Asia, Middle East, Africa etc. home appliance, medical parts, household items for customers from European, American etc.
2017, DAKUMAR invested in 80 million USD for import Tooling equipment and measuring equipment for high precision requirement of injection molding machine parts and platens.


In 2016, Italy, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Iran, more than 20 country offices and agents were established. Injection molding machine manufacturing base successively set up divisions, start and set up Dakumar injection molding machine domestic sales network.


In 2014, SINO HOLDINGS GROUP purchased DAKUMAR 100% share holding, and started European standard two plate machine put into research and production, 5H ultra-thin wall high-speed machine breakthrough technology bottlenecks, Configuration stability upgraded, which achieve European quality standards, no vibration noise, environmental protection and energy efficient.


In 2013, Dakumar branch moved to new plant, investment and development of 4500 tons large-capacity models, 5H ultra-thin wall high-speed machine, dedicated machine upgrade.


In 2012, Dakumar Machinery set up South Africa, Jordan, Spain and other 10 countries offices and agents. Processing equipment investment upgrade, 3350T injection molding machine put into production, independent completion of die casting and processing for high precision injection molding machine spare parts.


In 2010, Dakumar Machinery exports machines to more than 100 countries all over the world. In order to meet growing production demand, Dakumar expanded manufacturing base--Dakumar branch was invested in infrastructure.
Undertake international government project---set up injection molding production plant. And become multi-national large-scale automation plant project investment cooperation exclusive licensing brand.


In 2008, Dakumar Machinery set up injection molding machine agent point in Mexican. At the same year, Dakumar achieved in establishing the first injection molding production plant in overseas trough the cooperation with SINO MOULD.


In 2007, Dakumar Machinery put into research and development 5H injection molding machine.


In 2007, SINO Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. renamed Dakumar Machinery, specializing in injection molding machine manufacturing and exporting to Europe countries.

Dakumar pay high attention on customers’ needs, customers’ satisfaction is our perpetual pursuit. Until now our business span across more than 150 countries and regions, and have more than 30 overseas authorized agents, such as South Africa, Mexico, Ukraine, Nepal, Morocco etc.

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