DKM Plastic Crate Manufacturing Machine - Meet Your Needs


DKM plastic crate manufacturing machine can help you produce crates efficiently, stability and cost less, which thanks to over 20 years of experience on various plastic crates injection molding solutions.


Wide-range in application about plastic crate (common purpose is for storage or logistics)

- file storage crates

- vegetable and fruit crates

- meat & fish crates

- bread crates

- milk crates

- bottle crates

- industrial crates

DKM Plastic Crate Molding Solution



DKM Plastic Crate Manufacturing Machine Highlights

DKM plastic crate machine has been designed optimally to achieve the best injection molding for most of common plastic crates. Here list the typical advantages for your reference.


Stable Performing: the basic requirement of the industry to meet the further demand for plastic crates injection molding.


Flexible Solution: there are various series and models DKM Machines to ensure that we can find the perfect solution for every crate. Such as large machine for big logistic crates, high speed injection machine for thin-wall crates, etc.


Automated Manufacturing Solutions: not only the injection molding machine, DKM experts could analyze your needs, and provide the whole system including robots, automation, hot runners, and other auxiliaries.


Easy Operation and Maintenance: reduce your maintenance costs and unnecessary machine downtime. It helps on complete productivity increasing for long term.


Specific Options: such as for recycle crates’ production, DKM would choose the ideal machine hopper and barrel for smooth molding and enhance the life of both machine and mould.


Typical Cases

Below is a video about different DKM machines making plastic crates. (It also shows DKM one-stop solution for the whole crate molding systems.)

We are happy to discuss the best injection molding machine for your plastic crate production. Don't hesitate - contact with us and ask for it.


Tips: you may be looking for the complete plastic crate injection molding system, kindly check the following links for quick access.

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